About Us

  Our company is a large-scale scarf and pashmina shawl wholesaler and importer. We started in 2008 in new york as pashmina shawls and scarves wholesale supplier to the retailers in Chinatown ,Soho ,downtown and midtown Manhattan .
     Since then,we started to supply retailer in all states,such as gift stores, clothing stores, women accessories stores, flea markets, E-commerce, street fairs, parking lots sale, carnivals, state fairs,boat shows, sport events, mall kiosks.
     We offer a wide range of scarves for both men and women, such as solid colors pashmina shawls and scarves,infinity scarves,paisley pashmina shawls and scarves,metallic pashmina shawls and scarves,cashmere feel scarves,fashion scarves,wool scarves,and much more. We supply our customers with continuously updated styles throughout the entire year.We are dedicated to offer our customers great quality and low as prices for all products. Customers are welcomed and provided with excellent services.

Thank you for your continued support and thank you for choosing 8PM SHOP !